23.8.2018 Dallas 13 boot camp.

Drum recordings for new album started. Expecting tons of blood, sweat  and tears during the next 2 weeks. Follow our progress from daily video clips from the "studio"...



















Hello Folks! We got a loads of cool stuff coming up! Nico has been busy visiting the mic-stand shouting his lungs out and BIG G (Gabor) has also kept coming back around to throw pretty rad riffs!

We also had the opportunity and privilege to have our great friend, our national pride and superstar: Ville Tuomi ( Kyyria, Sub Urban Tribe, Leningrad Cowboys) to come and give us his tremendous and beautiful voice for lend!!! People, next album will be EPIC!!!!

















25.9.2017 Hi folks!

It has been a rough period of time around camp R13, but we've strugled through them and we are recording the next album when ever we can. We will shoot clips from the sessions so you can rest assured and witness the magig happen! Stay tuned!!!















UPDATE on lineup and the single (11.3.2017)


As 2017 started, Toni decided to leave the band.  This is not sudden news, but we wanted to wait announcing this officially, not to regret later  rushing anything.

R13 continues with one guitar and see how it works out. For sure this is an unfortunate event in the bands existence, but will not slow us down. Rather opened our eyes to realize, we need to take control and kickstart our upcoming record.

We have recorded all instruments for the single last month with Max, our sound engineer and friend. Vocals will be on tape next week and if all works out, we will release the song still in this month. Big thanks to Max for all his work!

We wish good luck to Toni with his upcoming music projects and we thank him for all effort he has put into Resolution 13!






Finally Resolution 13s` new website is up and running! Constructed by Mihail "Miska" Tretjakov, for which we are all very thankful to him!