- Resolution 13 debut album "COLOSSAL" was released 31.03.2015

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We are Resolution 13, a metal band from Finland.


"R13" got started in 2010 as a project of Marko "Dallas" Lehtinen, Tony Buckman and Nico "Hardtone" Hartonen.


The band is forged of experienced musicians from well known and respected bands and projects on Finnish grounds, like Drive, Godsplague, The Black League, Grendel, Dimebag Beyond Forever and underground stoner rock band Dope Tribe Devils.


The crew recorded its first promo material in 2011, which includes 4 songs. Two of them (“Hellboy” and “Rainy Days”), which got a place on the band`s debut album. Another song called “New Year” from this early demo release was chosen to be the subject of R13´s first music video, which was a “do it yourself” project and can be streamed from Youtube.


Motivated by the first reviews, the crew quickly made a plan of recording a full length album "Colossal" (released 30.3.2015) It sounds huge thanks to a well known Finnish musician and sound engineer Mikko Herranen, who dedicated over a month for mixing the finally released 12 carefully selected tracks. The album's concept is fictional situation, in which the listeners find themselves along with the band crew being held on a prison planet, called "Resolution 13".


With several live shows behind we decided that it's time to get things serious and let a concert agency take over the live organization process. This way the band can concentrate to only what it does best.


Other then at shows in Finland, R13 melted off some faces of old and

new fans on mini and semi lengthy tours in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania

and Poland. If you have the right agency/promoter for us, please don´t hesitate to contact us! We are more than willing to show sacrifices to get on the road. In order to have the biggest live impact possible on the audience, Resolution 13 is now working with the band's own light technician as well as our recording and live sound engineer.


As of at the end of 2016, sadly, Toni Buckman guitarist departed the

band. From this point on, we decided, Resolution 13 will continue with

four members. It works very well live as well as composing and recording new songs.


The band is unsigned and financed all recordings and releasing itself

with some promotional works. Open for record deal and contract offers

we hope to find a record label, which is as dedicated as we are to

work together in order to show "R13"s new and exciting style of music

to every metalhead out there!


Currently, at the autumn of 2017, we dived into the works of our new record. A big repertoire is already “saved in the bank”, perhaps already enough for 2 studio albums and keeps growing.  The selected songs then will be professionally recorded at the end of 2017 and along the way a couple of singles (already recorded and mixed) is being released.


Resolution 13's music and sound is hard, down tuned guitar riffs,

ultra low bass frequencies, supersonic synths, a war battalion like

drumming and vocals from hard growling, note screaming to clean, pure vocal work. What this band offers is to be a good hard smashing live band an overdose of both hard-heavy and beautiful harmonies in

industrial-like music.


 Resolution 13 is:


Dallas 13 - Drums & Keyboards

Nico Hartonen - Vocals

Gábor Dancs - Guitars & Keyboards

Ilkka Tanska - Bass